About Us

Edassery Group of Hotels is managed by Edassery Family from Kanjoor in Ernakulam District.  The group’s business endeavors are run by four brothers of the family with a vision inherited from their father, Late Sri E.M Joseph.  It’s been almost 2 decades since the group stepped into their foremost project.  Edassery’s hub of business extends from hotels and resorts to tea factories and rice mills. We have been achieving excellent experience that up lifts our Hotel business to a grand success story. Beside the lush green meadows, surrounded by the incredible lake and nearer to the industrial hubs, Edassery Group runs various Resorts and Hotels through the land of God, Kerala; we also have Hotels in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Customer satisfaction is the sublime success factor of our company so we stand for better service and hospitality all time. 

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